Säcker 3000 GT


International Tournament Field Hockey  7-9 June 2003 in Bonn - Rank 4
International Tournament Indoor Hockey 27-28 December 2003 in Aachen - Rank 3
International Tournament Field Hockey 29-31 May 2004 in Delft/Holland - Rank 1
National Tournament Field Hockey 2-3 October 2004 Ü30 Masters in Düsseldorf - Rank 3

International Tournament Indoor Hockey 26-27 February 2005 in Mühlheim - Rank 2

National Tournament Field Hockey 1-2 October 2005  Ü30 Masters in Wiesbaden - Rank 3
National Tournament Field Hockey 1-2 October 2006  Ü30 Masters in Berlin - Rank 2

National Tournament Field Hockey 22-24 June 2007  Rhinestones Cup in Düsseldorf - Rank 1

National Tournament Field Hockey 5-7 October 2007  Ü30 Masters in Munich - Rank 1

Generation  Cup Indoor Hockey 27 December 2007  in Limburg - Rank 1

International Tournament Field Hockey 9-11 May 2008 in Venlo/Holland - Rank 1

National Tournament Field Hockey 29-31 August 2008  Ü30 Masters in Hamburg - Rank 3

National Tournament Field Hockey 2 May 2009  in Mülheim - Rank 1




History of the Club and Limburger Säcker
Limburger Hockey Club, founded 1923, is one of the leading field- and indoor-hockeyclubs in Germany. Since 1945 the Limburger Hockey Club earned international reputation by organising hockey tournaments during Whitsuntide. The current players of "The Limburger Saecker" contributed significantly to the club's success in field- & indoor hockey in the 80/90ies. They revitalised a former tradition of a "Saecker Team" in the 60/70ies. However the current team "The Limburger Saecker" are formed of previous Olympic champions, World Cup and European Cup winners as well as several national champions in field and indoor hockey. The objective of the team is to play international tournaments at least twice a year to keep the spirit of a very successful team alive. 


City of Limburg on the Lahn River
The Middle Ages not only saw the writing of the Song of the Nibelungs, but also the construction of Germany's large cathedrals. At least building began then - they took decades and sometimes even centuries to complete, and Limburg Cathedral is no exception here. Having started off as a Romanesque structure it was overtaken by the "newfangled" Gothic style, and standing above the old city of Limburg and the Lahn river in all its glory today, it embodies quite a variety of styles. The cathedral is, of course, a symbol of the city and one of its key attractions, but the old heart of the city is also very pleasing to the visitor's eye. The ensemble of half-timbered houses has, quite rightly, been declared a historical monument. But historic Limburg pleases more than just the eye.  The town's past will also delight your taste buds, in the form of the "Limburger Säcker". The traditional figure made of pastry serves as a reminder of the olden days, when goods were still carried in sacks from the banks of the Lahn up into the town.

by Sali